What is CTE?

Help Students Get the Extra Education They Need

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The public education system is a hot topic in our country right now, and we're here to help. The Real World Experience is a nonprofit organization that supports Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs around the country-with the ultimate goal being to get children the education they need to succeed later in life. Simply put, our organization helps CTE programs create curriculums based on information provided by local professionals, as well as assisting with fundraising.

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Give students a brighter tomorrow

The Real World Experience helps local and nationwide CTE programs raise money and develop beneficial courses. Through CTE programs, students are able to explore various career paths before graduation and better prepare for college, technical school or a full-time job. The courses offered range from business management to science and technology.

Not every student is college-bound, but every student can be success-bound. Help us strengthen local communities and better educate high school students. Donate to The Real World Experience today.