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The Real World Experience supports local and national CTE programs. Our team focuses on raising funds for CTE programs so that CTE experts can focus on what they do best - education. One hundred percent of our profits are donated to CTE programs and all donations are utilized immediately. It's time to make a stand and help our students get the extra education they need to succeed in life.

Click the "donate" button to give back to your local community and help students succeed in the real world. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by teachers and students alike.

See how donations benefit local teachers and students

The Real World Experience helps CTE programs raise funds in order to expand their programs. When you donate, your donations will immediately help teachers:

  • Supply their classrooms
  • Expand their curriculum
  • Gain further education themselves

Your donations will also help students gain access to more courses, learn employability skills and participate in CTE competitions. Contact us right away to learn more about our nonprofit organization and make a donation.